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Mission & Vision


LBJ signing the higher education act

TRIO is a series of programs designed to assist traditionally marginalized students in gaining access to, and succeeding, in post-secondary education. On November 8, 1965, Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Higher Education Act here on the Texas State campus.


SSS is one of four TRIO offices at Texas State University.


Student Support Services at Texas State University encourages and assists traditionally underrepresented students (first-generation college students, students who meet low income guidelines, and students with disabilities) in the completion of a post-secondary education by providing academic support (tutoring, study skills, workshops, coaching), assisting them with short-term decision making and long term planning, connecting them to resources and facilitating their ability to become effective agents of their own learning and personal development. 


SSS will be a model program, nationally recognized for best practices and strategies in promoting retention and graduation of its participants.