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Bobcat Bridge

Bobcat Bridge Summer 2020 - Now Accepting Applications!

Bobcat Bridge Summer 2020 - Now Accepting Applications!

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Bobcat Bridge 2015

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Bobcat Bridge 2016

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Bobcat Bridge 2015

REMOTE SUMMER PROGRAM: July 5th - August 7th

The Bobcat Bridge summer program’s primary purpose is to assist a cohort of 10 accepted incoming freshmen to develop the tools to succeed at Texas State. The SSS Bobcat Bridge Cohort will be attending two online course and participating in a series of remote experiences over the Summer II Session, designed to help our new Bobctats become acclimated to life as a Texas State student. Below are some of the direct support, and resources students will receive to assist in the transition from high school to college.

SSS Tutor In-Class Assistance – An SSS Peer Tutor will attend the Bobcat Bridge Cohort’s two daily lectures and assist in modeling classroom etiquette and note taking while providing supplemental support to lecture content and the classes curriculum.

SSS Daily Review Session – An SSS Peer Tutor will facilitate 1.5-hour daily review sessions via Zoom. Review session activities and dialogue will be designed to assist students with their coursework needs including review strategies, test prep and project completion.

Bobcat Bridge Seminars – Once a week, students will engage in 1-hour seminars, held live and recorded for later viewing. The series of workshop will provide academic, financial and personal support from experts who have been in your shoes!

Recreation Activities – Once a week, the Bobcat Bridge RA will introduce students to vital campus offices and staff, guide them in accessing important remote services and assist the cohort in exploring what Texas State and the community have to offer.

SSS Coach – Each student will be assigned an SSS Coach who will work 1:1 with them, providing weekly Success Sessions in the summer. These weekly goal setting and advising meetings will be held via Zoom to provide support on academic, campus, financial, career and personal needs.


Please review the "How To Apply" presentation, complete all steps, and submit the application below to Caryn Williams: