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Tutor Employment


Student Support Services (SSS) is looking for qualified students who…

  • have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • have completed at least 30 credit hours
  • have a grade of “A” or “B” in the subject content being tutored
  • have tutoring experience (preferred)
  • communicate well with students, faculty, staff and small groups
  • are ethical (keep students’ information confidential)
  • are excellent motivators
  • are excellent communicators—use active listening techniques
  • are eager and energetic
  • are creative and willing to take initiative
  • are dependable and responsible
  • are highly knowledgeable in the specified subject areas
  • are excellent problem solvers
  • show patience and a sincere desire to help others
  • have a good sense of humor
  • have a professional attitude and follow directions well
  • interact pleasantly with peers, students, faculty, and staff members
  • possess good study skills
  • manage time wisely—academic commitments, SSS responsibilities and extracurricular activities

Job Duties

  • Tutor students on academic subject(s) at SSS by furnishing information, help solve problems, offer support, suggest study tips and strategies, and make referrals when appropriate

  • Diagnose students' specific problem areas and degree of need

  • Be familiar with many study skills (note-taking, time management, test taking skills, etc…)

  • Assist in the recruiting, selection, hiring, and training of new peer tutors;

  • Be familiar with and support SSS and its policies;

  • Attend training sessions (pre-semester and designated times during the fall and spring semesters)

  • Attend all staff meetings

  • Serve as a resource person for other SSS staff members

  • Promote and market SSS services

  • Help to create and maintain an effective learning environment at SSS

  • Develop an awareness of diverse cultures and their unique needs

  • Be familiar with other academic support programs on campus

  • Know when and how to refer students to other resources (professional staff or outside help)

Lead Tutor Job Duties

In addition to Tutor Job duties, Lead Tutor responsibilities include:

  • Mentor new tutors by providing assistance, guidance, and training to respective Tuto-Mentor Teams (TMTs)
  • Be present for walk-in tutoring opportunities
  • Be active in the continued improvement of the tutoring program
  • Act as Tutor Supervisors in the absence and/or unavailability of Coordinator of Tutoring
  • Create/discover lesson plans, handouts, and other materials that will be used to support tutoring staff and help foster learning with students
  • Keep up with general cleanliness/organization of tutoring spaces and materials
  • Attend professional development opportunities and relay information to TMTs
  • Other tasks as assigned


Please note that for your application to be considered, the following required documents must also be submitted:        

  1. Two Completed Reference Forms 

  2. Tutor Availability Form

What Our Tutors Have to Say

professional headshot of juan aguirre

"Student Support Services is an academic service for students who qualify under the TRIO requirements. By joining the program the student is given a major advantage by having an academic coach and have the opportunity to have one-on-one tutoring. Everyone at the SSS office is very helpful, cheerful, and glad to be there to help all student whom seek help. “As a tutor in SSS I have had the opportunity to help students do better in their classes. Their success rate is higher because they have taken advantage of our tutoring sessions."

- Juan Aguirre, Computer Science, Senior

professional headshot of keondre parker

“I have been tutoring with Student Support Services for almost a year now and it's one of the better tutoring jobs I've had. You make close connections with students you tutor because of the one-on-one tutoring. Alongside the satisfaction of helping our peers, you learn other methods and strategies for tutoring; becoming more advanced and diverse with your skills. Student Support Services is where you want to be.”

- Keondre Parker, Applied Mathematics and Manufacturing Engineering, Senior

professional headshot of shada nathan

“Being part of SSS as a tutor has been such a rewarding experience! Seeing students grow in confidence and progress in a course gives this job true meaning. The staff is pretty great too”

- Shada Nathan, Healthcare Administration, Junior