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Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Our current list can be found below. As more locations are identified, they will be added to the list. For locations of gender-inclusive restrooms in other cities, click here.

Currently the webpage is in transition and will activate soon.  For more information about visit their Facebook and Twitter sites.

Texas State Gender-Inclusive Restrooms
Main Campus Locations:  
Beretta Hall Third floor
Brogdon Hall Second floor
Commons Front west foyer
Elliot Hall Administrative Building Two gender-inclusive restrooms in building
Lampasas Fourth floor (from the courtyard, enter Lampasas and turn right at the hallway immediately after you enter the building. The restroom is located at the end of the hall)
Laurel Hall First floor
LBJ Student Center Third floor (next to the elevators by the conference rooms)
Student Health Center First floor (located in the patient area. This restrooms is unisex)
  Second floor (take the elevator or stairs to the second floor and travel around the stairwell to the main hallway, the two gender-inclusive restrooms will be located mid way down the hall on your left)
Theatre Building First Floor
Undergraduate Admissions Building: First floor (located in the hallway next to the staircase on your left, not wheelchair accessible)
  Second floor (located on your right after you reach the top of the stairs, not wheelchair accessible)
Round Rock Campus Locations:  
Nursing Building First Floor (next to the women's restroom)

Frequently Asked Questions about Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

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