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Paula Cook Leadership Scholarship | Faculty and Staff Recommendation Form

All recommendations completed by either a faculty member or university administrator must be submitted by application deadline (TBD)

Information to be completed by the advisor/mentor

Please rank the student in the categories listed below using the following:

Outstanding,   Good,   Average,   Poor,   or No basis for judgement

Civic Engagement - volunteers in community service projects at the local, national, or international level *
Integrity - is seen by peers as a respectful and trustworthy individual *
Conflict Resolution - turns conflict into opportunities *
Visionary - Takes the initiative to develop new programs by creating achievable goals, initiating action and seeking the participation of others *
Mentorship - serves as a peer mentor to fellow students *
Flexibility - adapts well to unexpected change *
Dedication - follows through with all commitments *
Appreciation - recognizes and values the contribution of others *

Recommendation: *