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LBJ Achievement Scholarship

Freshman Scholarship

Awards will be made to select freshmen or freshmen/transfers students.

A.      Awardees must live on campus and demonstrate financial need (SAR on file in the Texas State Office of Financial Aid).
B.      Once applications are received, the LBJ Scholarship Committee will read the application essays. Each essay will be coded to ensure anonymity. Each application will be ranked high (H), medium (M) or low (L). Each essay will be read and ranked three times. Awardees will be selected starting with the top rankings. Consideration will also be given to students who are first, TRIO participants; second, subsidized free lunch participants; or third, first generation students.
C.      After the fall semester, awardees must have a 2.5 or better GPA and completed 12 semester hours to receive the $1,000 scholarship in the spring. If students have not obtained at least a 2.5 GPA and completed 12 hours in the fall semester, the Assistant Director of SDI will work with the Scholarship Office to revoke the spring scholarship awards.
D.     The scholarship is renewable for a second year if a cumulative GPA of 3.0 is maintained and the recipient has 24 or more semester hours after the spring semester.

Upper Division Scholarship

 LBJ Upper Division: Awards will be made to 12 currently enrolled students for $1,000.00 per year ($500.00 per semester).

A.      Awardees must be at the Sophomore, Junior or Senior level (30 or more semester hours). All students must be making satisfactory progress toward degree completion.
B.      Upper division awardees are eligible for a second year award based on a 3.0 GPA requirement, at the end of the spring semester of the first year award.
C.      In order to be considered for a second year and/or renewal, awardees will be required to submit the front page of the scholarship application as a renewal eligibility application.

Click and download our scholarship application for the LBJ Achievement Scholarship. 

Scholarships should be submitted to Dr. Toni Moreno, Assistant Director of the Office Student Diversity and Inclusion, LBJ Suite 2-20.0,