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Restorative Justice Town Hall Series

Texas State Restorative Justice Town Hall Series Part One

Overview and Purpose

The Texas State Restorative Justice Town Hall series is a three-part program that provides opportunities for our community to engage in interactive dialogue on the topics of race, trans-generational trauma, justice, and law enforcement. This town hall series is a collective effort to further advance inclusive practices and proactive strategies that nurture a culture of connectivity where all members of our community thrive and feel valued.  The program is sponsored by Institutional Inclusive Excellence.

Date, Time & Modality

Friday, July 24, 2020
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Via Zoom

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Series Part One of Three

Part one of the Restorative Justice Town Hall Series will be an interactive session that provides participants with an understanding of the historical context of trans-generational racial trauma in the United States. Panelists and participants will discuss and explore various ways that communities have responded to this experience. 

Recommended Resource: The List: From Slavery to George Floyd (Part I & II)
Researched and Curated by: Marquis D.B.
From the creator: " For those who want to understand history and systemic and structural racism in America. 401 years summed up in 60 historical facts connecting the very 1st slaves in 1619 to the death of George Floyd in 2020. Contrary to popular belief, history does not exist in a vacuum and racism and discrimination does not need to be overt with white hoods and water hoses to be real.  Everything is connected."

View and/or Download - The List: From Slavery to George Floyd (PowerPoint)
Listen to Podcast - Via

The List - From Slavery to George Floyd - Part 1 & 2

Recommended Resource: Can the Black Lives Matter Movement Heal Paris, Texas?
Written by: 
Katie Nodjimbadem
From the author: Locals are hopeful that change can come to the northeast Texas town that invented the spectacle lynching.

Read article here.

Introduction and Opening Remarks

Dr. Benn


Dr. Sherri Benn

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Inclusive Excellence - Student Initiatives


Opening Remarks

Dr. Denise Trauth

Texas State University



Dr. Michael O'Malley

College of Education

Panelists Discussion

Veronica Silva

Veronica Silva

Restorative Practices Educator

What is the Role of Restorative Justice in Healing Communities?

Scott Bowman

Dr. Scott Bowman

Asst. to the Provost for DE&I and School of Criminal Justice

What is the Social Contract between a Nation and its People?

Dr. Dwight Watson

Dr. Dwight Watson

History Department

Historical Context of Racial Trauma in the United States

Counseling Center

Kate Cotnam

Counseling Center

​​​​​​Racial Trauma as Psychological Construct

Dr. Greg Moses

Dr. Greg Moses, Philosophy Dept.

Department of Philosophy

Resistance and Rebellions as Reasonable Responses to Generational Trauma

Closing Remarks & Overview of Themes

This portion of the town hall will include closing remarks and a preview of Part Two in our series. It will also include an overview of a few key takeaways from the program in order to identify prospective action items based on the dialogue that transpired between panelists and participants.

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