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USAC Executive Board Application Overview

Underrepresented Student Advisory Council - Logo

Thank you for your interest!

On behalf of the current USAC Executive Board and Student Diversity and Inclusion, we thank you for your interest in serving as a member of the USAC Executive Board for the FY21 academic year.

Below you will find an overview of the two-part application, process and positions. 

Please direct any inquiries you may have to Liz Gonzales, Graduate Assistant for USAC, and Jesse Silva, SDI Associate Director. Contact us via email.


The Underrepresented Student Advisory Council (USAC) is a multicultural programming and leadership development council composed of various recognized, university student organizations. The council welcomes and supports organizations whose majority membership includes persons from groups that have been and continue to be underrepresented in higher education and include a multicultural and cross cultural educational component in their programming.


The Executive Board is responsible for carrying out all USAC functions with the guidance and support of the SDI Graduate Assistant for USAC and as a chartered organization under the SDI Office. The Executive Board prepare and facilitate weekly Delegate Meetings, assist with Equality University Director's Committee Meetings, serve as representatives for University committees/teams/projects, and promote diversity, inclusion and equity. 

Roles and Responsibilities

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    • Official representative for USAC
    • Presides over delegate meetings
    • Helps facilitate executive board meetings
    • Creates agendas for executive board meetings
    • Oversees all executive board to ensure duties are being met
    • Helps coordinated executive board transition for upcoming year
    • Attends weekly meetings with the USAC Coordinator
    • 10 office hours a week
    • Official representative for USAC
    • Coordinates meetings with potential USAC organizations
    • Maintains attendance of USAC organizations at all delegate meetings
    • Takes over president duties in their absence
    • Attend bi-weekly meetings with USAC Coordinator
    • 5 office hours a week
    • Official representative for USAC
    • Records executive board and delegate meeting minutes
    • Email organizations about USAC meetings
    • Sends meeting minutes to organization delegates and executive board
    • Attends bi-weekly meetings with USAC Coordinator
    • 5 office hours a week
    • Official representative for USAC
    • Oversees all social networking platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Groupme, etc.)
    • Take photos and video at USAC meetings and events
    • Promotes USAC events via social media and printed material
    • Maintains USAC calendar and board in Lounge Area
    • Attends bi-weekly meeting with USAC Coordinator
    • 5 office hours a week
    • Official representative for USAC
    • Maintain USAC budget
    • Work closely with Organizations on funding proposals
    • Provide financial literacy to delegates and their organizations
    • Support advisor with MPC requests
    • Maintain communication between advisor and organization

Position Requirements

  • Minimum of 2.5 Grade Point Average
  • Must be a member of a USAC Organization


  • Paid position ($7.25 per hour)
  • Hours ranging from 5 to 10 hours per week
  • Lead council comprise of 30+ registered student organization that serve and support underrepresented students

Application Process


  • Two-part application will close on April 24, 2020.