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The Academy

Mission Statement

The mission of The Academy is to nurture scholastic growth through a collective study approach by developing diverse learning skills, instilling confidence, supporting cultural inclusiveness and validating college attendance of traditionally underrepresented Bobcats.


The Academy is a student-centered academic program housed in the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion. Our objective is to nurture student knowledge through a variety of learning platforms. The Academy wants to see students of historically underrepresented identities feel included on the Texas State campus by providing a safe space to seek academic support.


The Academy is a peer led coalition of multicultural and inclusive scholars bound by the collective goal of increasing academic knowledge and skills. We provide academic support for a multitude of courses through individual, group and online peer-to-peer meetings. Explore our Appointment Scheduler to find out more information about our services and how to book an appointment. 

Academy Scholars

Lead Scholar

Jamie Saucedo

Name: Jamie Saucedo (He/Him/His)

Major: Interdisciplinary - Curriculum & Instruction; Teacher Certification in EC-6 ESL Generalist

Year: Senior

Hometown: San Marcos, TX

Hobby: When I am not doing homework or spending time with my family and friends, you can catch me swimming in the beautiful San Marcos River.


Lead Scholar

Brittany Howard

Name: Brittany Howard (She/Her/Hers)

Major: History

Minor: Mass Comm and Business

Year: Senior

Hometown: Houston, Texas; San Marcos, Texas

Hobby: Reading, netflix, listening to and making music


Name: Ana Tobias (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Accounting

Year: Senior

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Hobby: Working out and finding good food spots


Name: Shahad Abdulsahib (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Computer Science

Year: Junior 

Hometown: Kyle, Texas

Hobby: Working out, travel

Name: Britney Salinas (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Electrical Engineering

Minor: Applied Mathematics Minor

Year: Senior

Hometown: Lufkin, Texas

Hobby: I like to read and paint in my free time.

Name: Robert Espinoza (He/Him/His)

Major: Mathematics; Educational Cert

Year: Senior

Hometown: New Braunfels, Texas

Hobbies: I like to spend most my free time either gaming on PS4 or just watching Netflix. Movie theater trips are always a plus though.

Name: Sabrina Sanders (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Wildlife Biology

Year: Senior

Hometown: Crosby, Texas

Hobby: Playing the trumpet

Name: Damien Pena (He/Him/His)

Major: Electrical Engineering 

Minor: Applied Mathematics

Year: Junior

Hometown: San Benito, TX

Hobby: I love to play basketball and stream games on Twitch.