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Asian American & Pacific Island Students

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With over 300 active student orgs on campus, we are certain there is one that is right for you. Check out some of these organizations that may of interest to you.
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  • The Chinese ClubThe Chinese Club
    The purpose of the Chinese Club to continue Chinese language education for Texas State students learning Chinese at Texas State by including native speakers in our activities.
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    Filipino Student AssociationFilipino Student Association
    To promote unity among various students of different backgrounds, not only of Filipino origin, as a cultural student organization which aims to enhance awareness of Filipino culture at Texas State.
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    Indian Student AssociationIndian Student Association
    The purpose of this organization will be to help Indian students with the best possible environment to succeed. The ISA was founded with the sole purpose of making a significant contribution in context to the student welfare and inter-cultural awareness at Texas State
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    Japanese Language and Culture ClubJapanese Language and Culture Club
    The Texas State Japanese Language & Culture Club (JLC) is a student organization dedicated to the education of Japanese language and culture to Texas State students and faculty through tutoring, weekly meetings, fund raising, and annual festivals. JLC is open to all students currently enrolled and current faculty of Texas State.
    Korean Culture ClubKorean Culture Club (KCC)
    The Korean Culture Club hopes to bring together those who have a common interest in Korean culture and to broaden awareness of Korean culture to the entire student through diverse activities such as sharing Korean foods, enjoying K-pop together, and having special outings.
    South Asian Students AssociationSouth Asian Student Association
    The South Asian Students Association is open to any Texas State University student interested in learning more about South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet).
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    South East Asian Students AssociationSoutheast Asian Association
    The purpose of this organization is to engage the Texas State University student body with events that promote the diversity of the region of Southeast Asia, as well as reinforce the content of classes required for completion of the Southeast Asian Undergraduate certificate.
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    Vietnamese Student AssociationVietnamese Student Association
    VSA serves to promote cultural awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the Vietnamese culture through the involvement of the general student body.
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Programs and Events

Sakura FestivalSakura Festival - Cherry Blossom Festival
Sakura Festivals trace their roots back to ancient Japan, where the cherry blossom was considered to symbolize a life lived to the fullest, no matter how brief. The Sakura Festival is also a reminder of fresh beginnings and the renewal of the spirit that comes with spring. It is an opportunity for the entire San Marcos community to immerse themselves into a wide variety of Japanese culture. 
HoliHoli - The Festival of Colors
'Holi' the festival of colors celebrated in India, particularly with dance, food, music, and colored powder to offer a spring parallel of Navratri. On the day before,a bonfire is lit in the main squares of the villages and colonies. People gather around and celebrate the event with singing and dancing, which is symbolic of the victory of good over evil.  Join ISA as they continue this tradition, and experience their rich culture through the food.
Diwali - Festival of LightsDiwali - Festival of Lights
Diwali, a five-day celebration honoring the victory of good over evil, is recognized in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore, among other countries. The Indian Student Association is responsible for its annual recognition at Texas State.

Great Resources

OpportunitiesScholarships | Internships | Conferences
A list of on- and off-campus scholarships, internships and conferences.  This list is intended to serve as a reference. Email us at with recommendations.