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Political Affiliations

At Texas State, we encourage students to learn and engage in their political life by exercising and learning more about their Constitutional rights and the political process, joining organizations, and attending educational programs.

Below are several resources including a list of available and active student organizations and link to the Department of Political Science for educational courses.

Political Affiliation

College Democrats at Texas State University

College Democrats at Texas State is proud to offer progressive students a voice on campus and a way to make a difference in our community and across Hays County. We’re committed to registering new voters, getting students out to vote, upholding Democratic values on campus, and developing new progressive leaders. Since 1968, College Democrats have been working hard to keep Texas State active and engaged in politics.

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College Republicans

College Republicans at Texas State University

The College Republicans at Texas State (TXSTCR) is the largest and most involved political student organization on campus. Founded in 1985, TXSTCR is a federated member of the statewide Texas College Republicans organization—an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas—and is recognized by the College Republican National Committee.

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Model Organization of American States

Model Organization of American States

The Model Organization of American States is an organization where students study parliamentary debate, as well as the economic, political, and security issues facing the Americas today.  The organization is designed around participation in the Eugene Scassa Mock Organization of American States (ESMOAS) competition held November and the Washington Model Organization of American States (WMOAS) held in the Spring.  In these competitions, students represent a country in a mock session of the international institution, the Organization of American States, an organization comprised of Western Hemispheric nations. Learn more about their Model United Nations Program.


San Marcos Socialist Collective

San Marcos Socialist Collective

SMSC is a local organization that is a part of the Texas Liberation Network. It is an organization comprised of students and workers who seek to improve the conditions of the working class of San Marcos and to educate people on Marxisim.  San Marcos Socialist Collective is committed to uniting workers and students in the struggle against poverty wages and corporate higher education. 


Young Conservatives at Texas State

Young Conservatives of Texas State

Young Conservatives of Texas State is a chapter of the statewide organization - Young Conservatives of Texas. They are the first line of defense of American freedoms at the Texas State University campus. With knowledge, love, and faith, they protect the individual liberties that US soldiers so bravely fought for. They engage in non-partisan activities promoting conservative values, create a social atmosphere for like minds to come and find a home, and they strive to strengthen the identity that is the Conservative.


Take a course or major in Poltical Science

Political Science Department

Department of Political Science

Building upon the body of knowledge in Political Science, the department prepares students to read and think critically about enduring questions of political life, to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens, and to excel in their professional lives. 

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