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MPC Learning Outcomes

MPC Post-Event Evaluation Forms (PEEFS) must be submitted along with all of your receipts in an envelope to Ms. Jonnie Wilson in the Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion (LBJ Student Center, Suite 5-2.1 - 5th floor of LBJSC).

You must submit this form within 2 weeks of your event to close out your account and/or receive any reimbursements.

Failure to return this form within the two-week deadline will result in your organization being moved to “Temporary Inactive Status” and deemed ineligible for future funding for the current fiscal year. Organizations with multiple violations will result in their inability to solicit and receive funds until deemed otherwise (i.e. any request for funding will be declined).

Questions related to PEEFs should be directed to Dr. Angela Ausbrooks ( or 512-245-9067) or Mr. Terence Parker ( or 512-245-2152).

Did you collaborate with another organization(s)? *
Who was your target audience? Check all that apply: *

Did you program accomplish the multicultural and educational goals proposed in your application? *

Identify the method(s) used to promote the educational component of your program: *

Did your event improve awareness and appreciation of multiculturalism on campus?

Which of the following leadership skills do you believe you and other organizers acquired as a result of this program. Check all that apply. *