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Safe Offices at Texas State

Safe Office Designation

A safe office is a department or office where 75% or more of all full-time employees (FTE) have completed the four -hour Allies Training.  

In addition, Safe Offices pledge to:

  • Display Safe Office Placard in highly visible and trafficked area.
  • Post a non-discrimination policy that includes sex, sexual orientation and gender identity in prominent places, such as the website, social media sites and waiting areas.
  • Encourage new employees to participate in creating a safe office by encouraging them to attend an Allies Training.
  • Include and make available LGBTQIA-friendly posters, brochures and magazines in the waiting areas and offices.
  • Update current forms to be gender-neutral.
  • Not allow offensive jokes or comments about LGBTQIA people to occur in the office.

To request the Safe Office Designation, please complete the Safe Office Designation Application Form.