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Queer Collegiate Summit 2021


The Queer Collegiate Summit is a program specifically for LGBTQiA+ and Ally Students.  The focus of this program is to encourage personal development and celebration in areas of involvement, community, academics, social justice, and activism. This year's Queer Collegiate Summit will focus on the empowerment of expression in queer culture. The event pays homage to those in history who have paved a path for others to celebrate their identities and experiences as queer individuals. The program includes keynote speakers, student performers and an award ceremony recognizing leaders throughout campus.

While we encourage that you attend all the entirety of the event, we understand you may not be able to attend the entire summit.

Sponsors and Collaborators: Multicultural Program Council, Alliance of Texas State, Office of Disability Services, Center for Diversity and Gender Studies, Department of Sociology, Lambda at Texas State, Queer Student and Allies Coordinating Committee (QSACC)