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Student Allies Training Registration Form

Attend an upcoming Allies Training in order to become an Official Ally of Texas State!

Individuals who wish to become Allies of Texas State must attend and complete a full training.   Note: Professors offering this training as extra credit to students should notify students of the 4 hour commitment needed to complete course training.
What to expect?
At the end of the training, individuals have the option of signing a contract required to become an Ally.  Those who sign the contract will receive an Ally of Texas State placard and/or button. These items symbolize understanding, support, and trust.  They also signify a "safe place" which is a location and environment where LGBTQIA+ individuals can speak in confidence and receive help, advice and support.
Individualized Co-curricular Activity Transcript (iCAT)
Upon completion of a training, your participation of the training will  be imputed into the iCat or your academic transcript.
Registration is required for all trainings.  In order to provide the highest quality training, registration is limited to a group of 45 individuals.  Participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early to get settled in, as to start trainings promptly.  The room may be a bit cool, so please feel free to bring a light sweater.  Snacks and refreshments are not provided.  Eating prior to participating in trainings is encouraged.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Please click the submit button in order to register. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

Voluntary Contract to Become an Official Ally of Texas State


If registering as an Individual, please select a training date - Student ONLY Training
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