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AdvoCats Peer Mentors

AdvoCats Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors

The mission of Queer Peers, the LGBTQ Peer Mentoring Program, is to assist students in developing a positive sexual orientation and gender identity while also successfully transitioning to life at Texas State University.  This process is facilitated through peer-to-peer mentoring in a safe and confidential environment.  Through the experience, mentees will have the opportunity to explore their personal areas of interest or passion, become connected to campus resources, and find their own sense of community and identity.  In addition, there is a informal social component of the event.  Both mentors and mentees will come together to enjoy time together over meals, movies, board games, local excursions, and casual conversations. 

Become a Mentee

Are you or do you think you are LGBTQiA+? Are you struggling with your sexuality, gender identity, and/or gender expression? Do you want to talk to someone confidentially about your personal concerns, LGBT life at Texas State, and/or how to get involved with the LGBTQiA+ community? Are you dealing with difficult challenges in your life?  If so, become a mentee in the AdvoCats Peer Mentoring Program and work with a caring, dynamic peer mentor on personal, social, academic, career and lifestyle goals!

…or a Mentor

If you are secure in your sense of identity and want to help others in difficult situations, then become a mentor in the LGBTQiA+ Peer Mentoring Program.

Peer Mentors

Avery (he/him)

Classification: Junior

Meeting Times: Mondays 1pm - 2pm

Degree: Theatre Education Major, Honors Studies Minor

Areas of Interest: gender identity vs. gender expression, pronouns, gender dysphoria, gender reassignment surgeries, chest-binding safety

BIO: Hello! My name is Avery, I use he/him pronouns, and I identify as a transgender man and bisexual. I have been out for a little over four years now, but I’m constantly learning new things about the LGBTQIA+ community! I plan to teach high school theatre after I graduate. I am also currently the President of Bobcat PRIDE. I love to draw cartoon characters, write short plays, and listen to 80s music. I look forward to getting to know y’all!


Chris (He/They)

Classification: Graduate Student

Meeting Times: Tuesdays 1pm - 2pm

Degree: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Bio: Hi Y'all! My name is Chris Coffey and I am a graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program here at Texas State University. As QueerCats' previous President I am so in-love with the idea of returning and being a mentor to members of our community ❤ ! My passions include inclusivity, people, and astrology! I am super interested in spirituality, music,
nature, food, and good vibes.


Haley (She/Her)

Classification: Senior

Meeting Times: Wednesdays 1pm - 2pm

Degree: Public Relations Major & Sociology Minor

Areas of Interest: label confusion, questioning identity, body postivity, education/allyship, queer representation in media, multi-racial white passing identity, and queer womanhood.

Bio: Hi y’all! A little bit about me, I’m a Pisces who usually spends her free time reading, journaling, or painting. I absolutely love learning new things and having engaging conversations. Some of my favorite things that the world has to offer are good books, fun podcasts, rainy weather, and loving friends. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to meet y’all and be involved in this program!


Raymond (he/him)

Classification: Senior

Meeting Times: Fridays 3pm - 4pm

Degree: Studio Art Major with a Concentration in Drawing

Areas of Interest: Transmasculinity, Gender Identity (Binary and Nonbinary), Internalized Homophobia/Toxic Masculinity, Internalized Transphobia/Gender Norms

Bio: I'm Raymond (or just Ray) and I go by he/him/his pronouns. I'm a gay trans man and the current President of Transcend at TXST. I'm a Drawing Major and an aspiring tattoo artist. I'm very passionate about revolutionary politics. I also love sharks, especially whale sharks, and DIY punk culture and music (I really miss going to concerts!). I'm super excited to be a part of this and to get to know y'all!


Royal (all pronouns)

Classification: Senior

Meeting Times: Thursdays 3pm - 4pm

Degree: Digital Media Innovation with a Minor in Communications

Areas of Interest: Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Spirituality, Religion, Equality and Equity.

Bio: Hi everyone I am Royal! I was born in Chicago, but have been in San Marcos for about 4 years. I use all pronouns, I like to mix it up! I love to listen to music, dance, skateboard and cook!


Gus (He/They)

Classification: Senior

Meeting Times: Mondays 3pm - 4pm

Degree: Human Development and Family Sciences Major, Sociology Minor

Areas of Interest: Subcultures and Minority Populations, Symbolism, Hobbies

Bio: Hi, my name is Gus I am a Queer man who is in my fourth year at Texas State. I have been a RA for the last three years and enjoy staying busy with one of my many hobbies. Currently planning for grad school and wondering what to do when I graduate.


Raven (she/her)

Classification: Junior

Meeting Times: Wednesday 7pm - 8pm

Areas of Interest: Civic Engagement, Outdoor Activities, Music, and studying others cultural beliefs.

Degree: Political Science Major, Political Communications and Spanish Minor