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In Limbo: Dilemmas Faced by Undocumented Students

Workshop Request Form

Bobcat DREAMer Ally

For anyone seeking to become a Bobcat DREAMer Allies or an official DREAMer Safe Office must attend and complete a full training. This training is available for student, staff, faculty and community groups (student organizations, departments, offices and non-Texas State groups). 

Complete all fields below in order to ensure that Facilitation Team obtains all information to review, determine if request is accepted, and reply to each request. 

Important Update: 

  • Due to institutional response to COVID-19, all requests for trainings will be facilitated via telecommuting and for no more than 1.5 hours. 

Important information related to requests:

Requestors will need to provide the following in order for workshop to be reviewed and confirmed:

  • Requests should be made at least three (3) weeks in advance of date(s) being requested.
    • This will ensure that our team will have sufficient time to review and confirm training.
    • We will NOT consider requests for same-day or same-week requests.
    • Providing alternative dates and general times is highly recommended.
  • Preference for groups of 30 or more.
    • Though there is no audience size limit, we ask that you maximize your request by coordinating with other departments and offices who have an interest in completing this training.
  • Preference for three (3) hour full training.
    • Our goal is to offer the full training that requires at least 3 hours to complete and in order to obtain the wealth of information and experience.
    • However, given time-constraints, we can provide an abridged version. The abridged version will be very limited in essential content. 
    • Recommendation for Offices and Departments: Consider your all staff/faculty meetings as viable times for the training.
  • Reservation of Room
    • Reservations are the responsibility of the requesting group.
    • Space must accommodates the size of your group.
  • Access to Computer with Internet, Audio and Video.
    • Our workshop uses PowerPoint with embedded videos with sound.
  • Printing of Materials
    • Electronic copies will be shared within 48 hours prior to start of training.
      • PowerPoint Presentation
      • Contracts

What to expect upon completion of workshop:

  • Each participant to receive Certificates of Completion in person or via email post-presentation
  • Post-Workshop Evaluation
  • Contract to become a Bobcat DREAMer Ally.
  • Bobcat DREAMer Ally Placard

Bobcat DREAMer Ally Status and Placard

  • Individuals who complete and sign the contract will receive the status as an Official Bobcat DREAMer Ally and a placard.
  • This placard symbolizes understanding, support, and trust. More broadly, the placard designates that this individual’s office is a “safe space” – a location and environment where undocumented, DACAmented, students from a multi-status family or student who is foreign born can speak in confidence and receive support, advice and guidance. 

Bobcat DREAMer Safe Space

  • Departments and offices that are designated DREAMer Safe Offices when 50% or more of all full-time employees (FTE) have completed the In Limbo: Dilemmas Faced by Undocumented & DACAmented Students. A DREAMer Safe Office ensures that undocumented and DACAmented students receive timely services and resources.

We look forward hosting your group.  

Type of Group *

Confirmation of Location: *


  • By completing this form, you are submitting a request and NOT confirming a training.
  • Our Facilitation Team will determine if request can be confirmed based on scheduling and availability.
  • All confirmations must be agreed upon and sent via email.
  • We will make all efforts to confirm your request for training.

Questions & Follow Up

  • Upon completing this request form, you will automatically receive a copy of your completed form at the email address that you provided.
  • Retain this email as a reference for your request. Our Facilitation Team’s goal is to respond within 48 hours of receiving requests via email to identify the date, time and location for your requested training.
  • Contact the Student Diversity and Inclusion at (Attn: Jesse Silva, Assistant Director) with questions or concerns.