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Multicultural Programs Committee (MPC) - Application for Multicultural Program Funding

The Multicultural Programs Committee (MPC) considers funding requests from student organizations that want to enhance multicultural/diversity awareness and knowledge of Texas State University students, faculty, and staff. Funding requests must include a formal/structured educational program that involves multiculturalism/diversity. MPC funding is intended to provide seed money to student organizations, not to fund an entire event. In addition, priority will be given to funding requests to events held on the Texas State University campus to ensure accessibility for all University stakeholders.

Funding Guidelines

Applicants must:

  • Complete a formal application available online;
  • Include a formal/structured educational program that involves multiculturalism/diversity;
  • Be held on the Texas State University campus (written justification will be required if the event will not be held on campus);
  • Include a detailed budget;
  • Include the student organization advisor’s signature;
  • Be submitted two months prior to planned event date;
  • Present the proposal orally and answer questions to the Multicultural Programs Committee (MPC).
  • Meet with a member of the MPC to discuss procedures for receiving and using the MPC funds appropriately if funded.


  • MPC does not allow funds to be used for food purchases, or refreshments unless such purchases are an integral part of the program (i.e. demonstrating diversity through various ethnic foods).

Proposal Submission and Review Process

  1. The completed Application and supporting documentation must be submitted by the 15th of the month two months prior the scheduled event to allow for adequate review.
  2. The electronic copy of your completed Application (including a detailed budget) and supporting documentation must be submitted together. 
  3. Applications will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the application guidelines.
    • Proposals deemed complete will be scheduled for their oral presentation at the next MCP meeting.
    • Proposals deemed incomplete will be returned with instructions for needed changes. Proposals in need of editing will not be considered for funding during the cycle in which it was returned.
    • Late proposals
      • Late proposals submitted later than the 15th of the month that is 2 months prior to the event) will not be considered for funding. No proposals will be funded between scheduled committee meetings. It is imperative that you carefully consider application deadlines and plan accordingly. Please see the submission calendar below.
  4. An Organization representative MUST present the proposal orally and answer questions at the next regularly scheduled MPC meeting. The MPC meeting location will be provided via e-mail prior to the scheduled meeting.
    • The organization representative(s) making the oral presentations are expected to arrive at the meeting location at least 15 minutes prior to the MPC meeting start time;
    • Representatives will make their presentations to the MPC in the order of their arrival.
    • Failure to attend the scheduled oral presentation will void the funding request for the current month. The proposal will be placed on the agenda for the next month’s meeting. If a representative is not present at the 2nd meeting, the proposal will be considered void and a new proposal will need to be submitted for consideration.
  5. After the MPC meeting, MPC will:
    • Notify the organization’s point-of-contact via e-mail indicating whether the proposal was approved and for what amount by the end of the week;
    • Provide guidelines for use of the allotted funding (e.g. use of funds for room reservation only).
    • Note: Funding cannot be used for event items and expenses not specified by the MPC during the presentation and in the notification e-mail.
  6. A representative of the organization must contact the Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion within 48 hours of notification of successful receipt of funding to schedule a meeting with a member of the MPC committee. During this meeting, the MPC and organization representative will:
    • Discuss procedures for receiving the MPC funds;
    • Discuss using the MPC funds appropriately;
    • Review and sign a statement of Understanding and Accountability regarding receipt and use of MPC funds.
    • Failure to comply with funding guidelines and/or adhering to the overall funding process & procedures will result in revocation of allotted funds, and ineligibility for future funding.
  7. A completed Post Event Evaluation Form must be submitted to Ms. Jonnie Wilson ( within 2 weeks after the event is held. Evaluation Form attached below.
    • Failure to submit this post Event Evaluation Form will disqualify the organization from receiving funding for future events in the same fiscal year.

Fall 2018
Event Month

Submission Deadline

Spring 2019
Event Month

Submission Deadline




November 15


September 1


December 15


September 15


January 15


October 15


February 15


All of the following must be filled out for application to be considered.

Has your location/venue been confirmed via reservation, contract and/or payment? *

Multicultural/Diversity Promotion

Funding will be considered for events that promote multiculturalism/diversity in at least one of the following areas: age, race/ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation. Pease indicate which of these criteria you believe your proposed program meets. Check all that apply.

Select all that apply: *

Description and Summary of Current Program or Event

Please provide a detailed description of the planned event in the space provided. This summary must include how this event will:

  1. Promote multiculturalism/diversity in the content area identified above;
  2. Increase multiculturalism/diversity awareness in the Texas State community, and
  3. Benefit the students at Texas State.

Program/Event Budget

In this section, you are being asked to provide the dollar amount for specific items being paid for by MPC funding request. Complete all sections of this form even if you have attached a detailed budget. 

Important Note:

  • Disbursement of all funds must follow State and University purchasing guidelines.

Other Funding Sources

Please include all other funding sources being used to cover the expenses for your program/event.

Submitter - Review and select the following statement: *