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Equality University

Theme: Love, Struggle and Liberation

Texas State Student Diversity and Inclusion Conference

LBJ Student Center Ballroom
Saturday, November 2, 2019  |  8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Equality University is a diversity and inclusion conference that brings individuals from all areas of campus life together to participate in a day of dialogue with national speakers, faculty and staff facilitators and collegiate colleagues. 

Conference attendees will have opportunities to engage in authentic peer connections and explore how all identities impact individual relationships, groups and social dynamics. 

Equality U will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the identities that make you the unique individual you are and help prepare you for success in a global society.

Spaces are limited and priority is given to Texas State students!

Keynote Speakers

Photo of Travis L. Jones, Equality University Keynote Speaker 2019

Travis L. Jones

Author, Speaker & Educator

Travis L. Jones is an author, speaker, and educator whose main areas of interest are race, religion, cultural competency, human flourishing, and leadership.

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    “I am a southern white working-class male educator. I Live Inclusively® by committing to continual self-transformation through listening deeply to the world for what I don’t know and what I might come to learn.”

    Travis L. Jones is an author, speaker, and educator whose main areas of interest are race, religion, cultural competency, human flourishing, and leadership.

    As a sociologist, Travis is particularly attuned to group dynamics, issues of power, and all of the ways our respective cultural worlds shape our thinking and relationships. He is passionate about creating a world where everyone can flourish.

    As a principal strategist with The Winters Group, Inc. he works to marry the best of humanities and social science research with the evidence of our everyday experiences to inform content design, facilitation, and consulting services to organizations in the public and private sector.

    As an educator and facilitator, Travis is committed to transformative pedagogies that utilize a learner’s cultural world as the starting place for reflective action in the world.

    His TEDxTalk, Bad White People, explores how white people can be better anti-racists by being rebellious against the false promises of white supremacy in all its forms. He was a featured guest on NPR’s TED Radio Hour episode on Confronting Racism to talk about his talk.

    Travis holds a M. Div. degree as well as a B.A. in Philosophy and a M.A. in Sociology from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Bree Newsome, Equality University Keynote Speaker 2019

Bree Newsome

Community Organizer, Artist, Activist & Educator

Bree Newsome, a recognized voice on topics of injustice and racial discrimination, raises awareness of leadership development in building and sustaining social movements.

  • Bree Newsome rallies your spirit with her impassioned message about racial equality and illustrates how, with courage, zeal and the support of others, ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference.

    This contemporary civil rights icon first garnered national attention for her daring act of peaceful disobedience in June 2015. Following the brutal murder of nine black parishioners at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, S.C., Bree climbed the flagpole at the South Carolina statehouse and pulled down the Confederate Battle flag as a protest against racist symbolism. Her arrest galvanized public opinion and led to the permanent removal of the flag.

    As a recognized and celebrated voice on the topics of injustice and racial discrimination, Bree brings to light the importance of leadership development in building and sustaining social movements.

    Also an accomplished filmmaker and musician, Bree skillfully outlines the relationship between activism and art, and captivates audiences as she describes in cinematic detail the heroic gestures of ordinary people on the front lines of activism.

    Community Organizer and Activist Who Removed the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina State House

Join the diversity dialogue.

Equality U 2017 - Recap

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • Reason #1
    Have you ever wanted to have an honest conversation about things like race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, social class, religion or other "sensitive" topics, but 1) were afraid of offending someone, 2) didn't know how to begin or 3) were taught never to discuss such things outside of your close-knit group?  Well, this conference is for you.  At Equality U these are just the sort of things you will be encouraged, guided and assisted in discussing.

    Reason #2
    Do you actually enjoy having conversations about things like race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, social class, religion and other "sensitive" topics, but your attempts to discuss these things left you feeling bad, guilty, frustrated, discouraged or even angry?  Well this conference is for you. At Equality U you will have an opportunity to learn new skills and explore ideas that can help you to engage these topics more successfully.

    Reason #3
    Do you ever wonder just what the big deal is about these things? Have you ever asked yourself: "Why can't everyone just get along as one race....the human race?"  Well this conference is for you.  At Equality U you will learn some of the reasons why we all have such a difficult time coming together AND you will discover ways you can help your group, organization or community create better connections when there is diversity.

  • All are welcomed to attend the conference free of charge. Registration is required to attend.

    • High School Students

    • Undergraduate Students

    • Graduate Students

    • Doctoral Students

    • Texas State Faculty & Staff

    • Community Members (any and working professional who is not a employee of Texas State)

  • No on-site, day-of or walk-in registration
    All attendees must pre-register for the conference. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Arrive and check-in by 8:00 AM
    Equality U uses tracks (i.e. cohorts) to ensure a diverse representation within each group and discussion.  Please bring or provide your Texas State ID or appropriate ID to the check-in tables.

    No admittance after 8:00 AM
    Entering the conference late interrupts the educational experience and learning process that has been developed specifically for conference attendees and guided by facilitators.

    No half-day participation
    For the reasons mentioned above.

    Full-day participation
    To gain the full experience, participants are expected to attend the entire conference.

  • Texas State Students, Staff and Faculty
    Priority registration is for Texas State students.  There is no cost associated for Texas State members.

    Non-Texas State
    All are welcomed to attend. Presently, there is no cost associated with attending. However, we will notify all Non-Texas State participants if this changes.

  • All participants will participate in one of the available tracks:

    • High School Student
    • Undergraduate Student 
    • Graduate Student
    • Doctoral Student (this track includes doctoral students who are not employed full-time)
    • Faculty, Staff and Community Member (includes non-TXST working professionals)
  • Individuals assisting with the implementation of the conference are required to register.

    • Director's Committee (Staff & Student Planning Committee Members)
    • Conference Workshop Facilitators
    • All Volunteers
  • If you require an accommodation (i.e. information in alternate format, sign language interpreting, etc.) due to a disability, complete the necessary field below or contact SDI directly using the contact information provided. Accommodation requests should be made at least 72 hours in advance of the program start time to ensure availability.

  • If you have any questions, contact the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion (SDI):