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Diversity Connections

What is Diversity Connections?

Diversity Connections
Diversity Connections is an online profile and directory of faculty and staff members. It serves as a one-stop connection to faculty and staff. Diversity Connections is a resource intended to support and contribute to your success at Texas State. 

Diversity Connections - Directory

The directory allows you to search and find faculty/staff based on their racial/ethnic background, Ally status ( Ally of Texas State, Trans Ally,  Veteran Friendly Ally, and Dreamer Ally), Department/Office, and Veteran Status.  The goal of this directory is to help you stay connected with Texas State faculty and staff and who can serve as mentors, advocates, and support system.  

How to opt-in the Directory (FACULTY/STAFF):

  • Click on the button below and log-in using your Texas State User ID
  • Create your Diversity Connections profile by selecting the button in the upper left hand corner 
  • Update your information and select "submit"

How to search using the Directory (STUDENTS):

  • Click on the button below and log-in using your Texas State User ID
  • Search based on filter options provided
  • Browse and select faculty or staff
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  • Participation in the Directory is available to Texas State faculty and staff, based on Opt-In or Opt-Out status, and can be voluntarily changed at the discretion of the respective faculty/staff. All faculty/staff are initially set to Opt-Out. 

    In order for faculty/staff profiles to be visible to students in the Directory, faculty/staff should select Opt-In.

    Instructions for accessing and editing Profile and Preferences:

    • Click on link to access directory:
    • Enter Texas State User ID information
    • Once logged-in to directory, select “Edit My Diversity Connection Profile” (top left corner)
    • Enter information or select responses into each field:
      • Area of Expertise (1,000 character limit)
      • Were you a first-generation student?
      • You are currently set to Opt-Out to the Diversity Connection.  Would you prefer to Opt-In?
        • Select Opt-In or Opt-Out
          • Opt-out = Profile NOT visible
          • Opt-in = Visible profile
        • Read and confirm “Acknowledgement Notice”
    • Confirm changes by selecting “Submit”

    For concerns or questions, email us at

Connections to Resources, Programs, Services and Student Organizations

Student Veterans

Veteran Resources

Veterans Affairs Office

Students with Disabilities

 Office of Disability Services

Immigrant Students including Undocumented & DACAmented Students

Resource Page

Spiritual & Religious Affiliation

Resource Page

International Students

International Office

Political Affiliation

Resources Page

Connections to Faculty and Staff

The Alliance of Texas State

Alliance of Texas State

Alliance encourages, promotes, and celebrates the awareness, equality, social acceptance, non-discrimination, and individual freedoms of all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity.  The Alliance is dedicated to and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) faculty and staff.
Email   |   Website 

The Coaltion of Black Faculty & Staff

Coalition of Black Faculty & Staff

The Coalition is committed to promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within the Texas State and surrounding community.
Email   |   Facebook  
Hispanic Policy Network

Hispanic Policy Network

HPN is a staff and faculty organization committed to the improvement of higher education for Hispanics.  Their goals of educational advocacy, networking, recruitment, retention, scholarship assistance, culture promotion and working atmosphere help to create a warm and supportive campus climate for our Hispanic/Latino students.
Email  |   Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter
Center for Diversity & Gender Studies

Center for Diversity & Gender Studies

The Center for Diversity and Gender Studies (CDGS) is a part of the College of Liberal Arts, one of the seven colleges at Texas State University (Texas State). CDGS, then named Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, was established at the beginning of the 1984 academic year.  It assists students in preparing for a pluralistic society by providing faculty and students with resources that encourage the infusion of an interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.
Ethnic & Gender Courses

Connections to Mentors



A mentor is an important and valuable asset during your education at Texas State. PACE Mentoring and Academic Coaching connects Freshman students to mentors.  If you are a returning, graduate or doctoral student, then Bobcat Bond Program is your avenue for identifying a mentor.

After reviewing the list of faculty and staff provided above, feel free to include their name in your request.  Select the appropriate link to request a mentor.