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COVID-19 Workplace Modifications FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who handles this process? Who sees my healthcare verification form/medical documentation?

A: The ADA Coordinator is the only Texas State Employee who reviews confidential information submitted for this process. Another aspect of the Special Modifications Process due to COVID-19 that separates it from the ADA Workplace Accommodations interactive process is that in order to track the impact COVID-19 is having on our campus & community, one representative from HR and one representative from Faculty & Academic Resources is assisting in implementing the ADA Coordinator’s recommendations for Faculty & Staff, respectively. The only other way these staff members will be assisting the ADA Coordinator with these requests is in collecting signatures of approval from the employee, the employees supervisor, the department head, and the assistant VP.

Q: I do not identify as a member of one of the high-risk groups outlined by the CDC’s guidance. However, I have a family member/roommate who does. Do I fill out the Workplace Modifications request form?

A: No, please refer to HR. Or if you are comfortable, speak with your supervisor to determine other options. Supervising staff are continually being asked to remain flexible in these situations.

Q: Do you submit both the verification form and a physician letter? Or just the form? Just the letter?

A: It depends, If you Indicated Age 65 or older on the Special Request form (the one you fill out online), then no further verifying documentation will be required. If you indicated one of the other high risk groups, the medical verification form is what is required to be completed by your medical provider. Provided they have submitted all of the requested information to us in that form, this is all that is needed. With that being said, you may also submit any other medical documentation that you believe would assist me in approving your request, but that is subject to your discretion.
If you would like to submit a letter from your provider, the most helpful information would be: 1) The high risk group you fall under, 2) Date of last medical evaluation, and 3) a description of your functional limitations and the risks COVID-19 would have on you in your workplace environment, as well as any documents your medical provider thinks might help to submit as well (not required with the form). This should be written on your Provider(s)’ Office’s official letterhead.

Q: I am already on file with the ADA Coordinator’s office, do I need to submit the Special Modifications Process form in order to receive further accommodations?

A: Workplace modifications due to COVID -19 are not ADA Workplace Accommodations. In order to receive workplace modifications due to you, the employee, being at higher risk for COVID-19, you should fill out the Special Modifications Process online form and indicate yes to the question: "Have you been previously diagnosed with a disability for which you have an active workplace accommodation? *"Your request will be reviewed in light of documentation already on file. Additional Documentation may be requested if the documentation on file does not presently indicate your needs.