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USAC Funding

How to Get USAC Funding:

USAC funding is available for any event that is put on by a USAC organization and that is in good standing.


The event must meet the following requirements:

  • Proposed event must have a social justice component;
  • Funding Application must be submitted by due date;
  • Petitioning organization must attend the fuding hearing and present to USAC Executive Board; and
  • If funding is provided the organization must complete the PEEF within two weeks of completion of event.


Important Dates and Deadlines for All Fall 2015 Applications

Anticipate date of your event

Application Deadline

Proposal Hearing Date


January 29th or later

February 12th

February 19th


February 26th or later

March 25th

April 1st


April 8th or later

April 22nd

April 29th











Access Funding Application and PEEF: