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Interruptions: Anti-Racism Peer Educator Group

Interruptions is a multi-racial, anti-racism peer educator group.  Our goal is to educate ourselves and others about the many forms of racism and to learn, develop and share ways of interrupting it in our daily lives. We believe that by opening up and engaging in conversations about racism, we help to lessen its impact our our society and learn more ourselves and others in the process.

If you are interested in Interruptions, contact the SDI Office at or 512.245.2278

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Sample of a Training Module Completed by Interruptions

Interruptions peer-educators meet regularly and complete modules to better understand how to recognize and interrupt racism.  Below is a sample of a training module completed by Interruption Peer Educators.

power and privilege (PDF, 206 KB)

Sample of topics covered by Interruptions

Contours of Racism:

  • Individual - biases, prejudices, beliefs or actions that collude with racism
  • Group - actions on the part of group - usually the dominant or privileged group to oppress or marginalize another group
  • Institutional - refers to the systemic, societal racism embedded in institutions, organizations, laws, customs and social practices
  • Ideological - interwoven into social discources and narratives - i.e. the myth of meritocracy

Anger, healing and anti-racist practice:

  • The expression and uses of anger
  • Embracing anger as a pathway of healing
  • Embracing anger and healing as integral components of anti-racist work

Faces of ColorismFaces of Colorism 

In Fall 2011, Interruptions and co-sponsoring organizations provided a presentation by Dr. Angela Ausbrooks over the issue of Colorism and panel of professonal women and men as they share their experience with this form of discrimination. 
Check back with us for future programs, dates, times and locations.
Colorism Flyer (JPG, 4 MB)