Transgender, Non-binary and Gender Diverse Student Organization: Transcend at Texas State

Remember Pulse Orlando
Remember Pulse Orlando, June 12, 2016

 Please reach out to the Texas State Counseling Center or the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion and the many Texas State LGBTQIA student organizations for companionship and support during this time as we remember the lives lost in Orlando and take action to keep our lives visible and safe at Texas State.

Join Transcend, Thursday, June 16, at 7pm, at our regular meeting, no matter your age, race, religion, gender identity, sexual identity, ability, or other individual characteristics to remember Orlando and to process the tragedy together as community and family.  Bring your own arts and crafts supplies to create art in a therapeutic way to remember the lives we've lost and to bring strength to our community.  We will meet at our president's apartment.  To gain directions to his apartment, please e-mail him at  If you have a condition that will limit your ability to ascend three flights of stairs, please let us know, and we will work on accommodations.

Stay in touch with us at or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn about other events on campus this week honoring your feelings and providing opportunities for you to process your thoughts and feelings about the Orlando tragedy and the implications for our lives as LGBTQIA persons.

Ryan Speaking at Orlando Memorial at Texas State
President of Transcend, Ryan Kessinger, speaking at Texas State's Memorial for Pulse Orlando on June 15, 2016
transgender flag
Transgender Pride Flag

Transcend Mission and Purpose

Transcend is a Texas State student group for transgender, non-binary and all gender diverse students and their Allies  This diversity includes all forms of gender identity and expression that transgress societal assumptions of sex designated at birth.  While we use the terms transgender, non-binary and all gender diverse students in our language, we welcome Intersex individuals, Drag Kings and Drag Queens, gender creative students, gender expansive students, and students who are discovering new ways to express and identify their gender.  This student organization gives transgender, non-binary and all gender diverse students and their Allies an opportunity to come together to share experiences and to support each other at Texas State around issues related to gender identity and expression.   The students and advisors of Transcend also work to promote equity and diversity of gender at Texas State through activities, events, and advocacy. Texas State University has a non-discrimination statement that includes gender identity and expression, and the students and advisors in Transcend at Texas State work to continue manifesting the spirit of that non-discrimination statement throughout the campus so that transgender, non-binary and all gender diverse students are affirmed and nurtured at Texas State.  If you are transgender, non-binary or gender diverse and have questions about navigating life at Texas State, please join us at one of our meetings or contact us at


Transcend 2016 Award Winner

Transcend BOKO Award 2016

Congratulations to Transcend at Texas State for winning Outstanding Multicultural Organization at Texas State for 2015-2016 at the 2016 BOKO Awards Ceremony.  Keep up the good work and continue to spread the values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.


Transcend Clothing Closet

Transcend Clothing Closet

Transcend has a Clothing Closet that takes donations of gently used clothes of all styles, sizes, and shapes (Clothes DON'T have GENDERS; people do!).  Many college students who are gender diverse are looking for new ways to express their identity and don't have the financial resources or freedom to buy new wardrobes.  Our clothing closet allows students to come try on different styles and expressions and to take home what they need and want.  If you would like to donate or to come try on clothes, please e-mail to make an appointment. 

Transcend Weekly Meeting Schedule



7pm throughout the summer various fun and exciting locations and events changing from week to week as per the wants of the membership.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see each week's adventure or email to be added to the Transcend TRACS site.
Thursdays 7pm weekly during the fall and spring semesters LBJSC 3-6.1



Contact us:

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Transcend Officers Presenting on Texas State Climate for Transgender Students at 7th Annual Texas Transgender Non-discrimination Summit at UT Dallas, July 31, 2015

Transcend officers presenting
Transcend Officers at TTNS 2015

Transcend Advisors and Officers




Dr. Brandon L. Beck


Faculty Advisor

Lecturer, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate Elementary Education

Stephen Soukup


Staff Advisor

Systems Analyst, Office of the VPSA

David Hunt


AdvoCats Advisor

Assistant Director, ODS

Ryan Kessinger

(He/him/his OR They/them/theirs)


Bo Salinas


Vice-President of Management

Emerson Fillippa


Vice-President of Planning

Oceanna Hart


Vice-President of Community Relations

Alex Oviedo



Emily (Emma) Bogue



Human Sexuality is Complicated


The Transcend advisors and officers are on their way to Killeen, Tx for the Texas Transgender Non-Discrimination Summit!
For today's meeting we will be gathering at the Frozen Cave at 7pm. Please bring your friends and games to play!
In 1966, the trans community rose up against SF police abuse. SCREAMING QUEENS
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Training Module for Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Young People

Image of the Training Module
Image of the Training Module - Follow Link Below to Reach Module

This module, by gires and Surrey and Borders Partnership, provides learning opportunities about what it means to be transgender and gender non-conforming young people.  Further modules teach about learning how to provide support to these students, and professional development credit can be learned.  Follow these links to get to the module and learn more!