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Multicultural Programs Committee (MPC)

Funding Guidelines/Priorities  Funding is intended to provide seed money to student organizations; funding is not intended to fund an entire event.  Funding will be considered for events that promote diversity.  On application, please ensure that you have checked which of category that you feel your proposed program meets. MPC does not allow funds to be used for food purchases, or refreshments unless such purchases are an integral part of the program (i.e. demonstrating diversity through various ethnic foods).
Submissions  Submit completed applications for funding requests via email to and while copying (i.e. CC) your advisor. Your advisor must approve the submission via email by “Reply to All” after receiving your completed application in order for the application to be reviewed.
Decision regarding request  MPC meets and considers completed applications the second (2nd) Thursday of each month.  Applications for funding requests must be submitted and recieved one week prior to the MPC meeting in order for application to be considered.   It is a good idea to submit proposals 1-2 months prior to start of program to ensure that funds are available and recieved prior to the start of your program. 
Notifications, Awarded Amount and Purchasing  All notifications regarding decisions for funding request including awarded amount will be recieved electronically via email.   If approved, please contact Ms. Jonnie Wilson and Rick Gonzalez in the SDI Office in a timely fashion to discuss how purchasing will be handled.  MPC does NOT provide petty cash, same-day checks or day-of payments.  In-store or online internet purchases using a University procurement card (p-card) must be scheduled in advanced in a timely manner.

Underrepresented Student Advisory Council (USAC)

Funding Priorities  USAC is a programming and leadership development council composed of various recognized Texas State student organizations.  One of USAC's goals is to provide funding to organizations who are part of USAC and that promote diversity and equal opportunity initiatives in support of a pluralistic society.

Submissions  Submission of an application does not automatically guarantee approval of funding.  We receive many proposals throughout the year and, unfortunately, are unable to fund them all.  Please ensure to adhere to the USAC requirements concerning programming.  ALL applications must be typed, otherwise, they will not be accepted.  Please submit applications for funding requests electronically via email to

Notifications, Awarded Amount and Purchasing  All notifications regarding approval of funding will be provided via email.  Requestors are responsible for any follow-up correspondence with Rick Gonzalez, SDI Administrative Assistant (512.245.2278), regarding status of your purchase(s). USAC does NOT provide petty cash, same-day checks or day-of payments.  In-store or online internet purchases using a University procurement card (p-card) must be scheduled in advance and in a timely manner.

USAC Funding Application (online form)

USAC Post Event Evaluation Form (online form)